SLurg presents Myka 9 : The Only Mixtape (CD + vinyle 5″ + poster)


THE ONLY MIXTAPE Volume 4 (Rayon du Fond – 2019)
PACK Limited Edition (200 copies) :

  • Mixed CD
  • + vinyle 5″ ‘Life Or Death’
  • + 1 poster 40x60cm


This post is also available in Français



Myka 9 is an emcee, a singer, a poet, a lyrical musician, and a legend in the Los Angeles hip hop underground. As co-founder of the legendary Los Angeles hip hop group Freestyle Fellowship, his styles have influenced many of the emcees that came through and grew out of the Good Life Cafe and Project Blowed open mic workshops in the South Central area of Los Angeles as well as across the globe. He possesses the unique ability of spitting intricate and thought provoking rhymes in a jazzy kind of way, as if playing his bars through a wind instrument. His flow is unique enough to not be comparable to any other emcee, yet the delivery and reception can be described as experiencing a performance by John Coltrane, Miles Davis or Charlie Parker. Myka began rhyming in the 6th grade, became known as Microphone Mike, and later formed Freestyle Fellowship with Aceyalone while the two were in high school. Myka has recorded nine solo projects to date and also recorded two albums with Haiku d’Etat (featuring Aceyalone of Freestyle Fellowship & Abstract Rude). The Only Mixtape covers various high points in Myka’s history, featuring collaborations with Daddy Kev, Prefuse 73 and more, as well as classics from Freestyle Fellowship and Haiku d’Etat. Be advised, this is only a sample of Myka’s expansive catalog. There’s much more music where this came from, and in Myka’s own words, “It’s all love!”.

Monalisa Murray (Dublab / Project Blowed)



01 Intro (James Sumbi)
02 Myka 9 : Delusion Of Grandeur
03 Prefuse 73 with Mikah 9 : Life / Death
04 Haiku D’Etat : Mike Aaron & Eddie
05 Elusive featuring Mikah 9 & L*Roneous : One More Hit
06 Molemen featuring Myka 9 : Redemption
07 Freestyle Fellowship : Hungry
08 Freestyle Fellowship feat Daddy O : Inner City Boundaries
09 Haiku D’Etat : Los Dangerous
10 Myka Nyne : Styles Davis
11 Mikah 9 : Mikah
12 AF The Naysayer feat Myka Nyne : Imagerial Denouement
13 Mochipet + Mikah 9 + Taiwankid : Hope Again
14 Daddy Kev featuring Mikah 9 : First Things Last
15 Myka Nyne : Crack Life
16 Kaigen featuring Myka 9 : In The Clutch
17 Pigeon John featuring Mikah 9 : Originalz
18 Abstract Rude : Thynk Eye Can (Haiku D’Etat mix)
19 Freestyle Fellowship : Ummm…
20 Jizzm featuring Mykah 9 : Warmer
21 Omni featuring Myka 9 : Back At It
22 Freestyle Fellowship : 7th Seal
23 Nobody feat. Freestyle Fellowship : Planets Ain’t Aligned (Z-Trip remix)
24 Connie Price & The Keystones feat. Mykah 9 : High Life
25 Factor featuring My Kanine : Good Old Smokey
26 Jose James : Park Bench People


Face / Side A : Life Or Death (Click Track Version)
Face / Side B : Life Or Deathe (Click Track Version – instrumental)[:]